Emma Kinsley ©2022
Full body silicone blank doll kit
Edition open for orders now

$1500 (includes cost of shipping)

These are made to order. Expect 2-3 weeks. Read info below.
World Wide Edition is an open edition and will go until the mold wears out. My last two kits went to 25 and 33.
Emma K is about 16"-17" long and is almost 4 lb. 12 0Z.
She was sculpted by me and is a full body silicone.

Emma K was molded and poured by sculpting artist, Marita Winters.
She can be poured in ECO 20, or a soft blend.

Babies will be poured as the orders are paid so that you will have a freshly poured silicone. I do all the molding and fixing seams with natural curing. I never use heat to cure.
This takes time. Expect 2-3 weeks for your baby to get done. If someone has ordered ahead of you, it will be 2-3 weeks AFTER their dolls is done. I will keep you updated as
to where you are in the schedule.

Please be aware that these sweet babies are made entirely by hand: sculpted, molded and poured by hand, so no silicone doll is PERFECT but I am committed to
making them as perfect as I can. 

Price will be $1500 including shipping. To order, please private message me on Facebook or email me.

Thank you!
Below are photos of the prototype.