Ireland Rose ©2021
Full body silicone blank doll kit
World Wide Edition was an open edition and ended up at 33 kits
Ireland Rose is about 20" long and is almost 10 pounds.
She was sculpted by me and is a full body silicone.

Ireland Rose was molded and poured by Angela Lewis, who has 14+ years of experience making silicone dolls.
She can be poured in ECO 20, or Marshmallow blend. Angela can open her mouth, but this can cause stretching or tearing in the mouth if you put a pacifier in the mouth and leave it in for long periods of time
, so you will need to be sure you really want this. There is not a tongue nor insides of mouth sculpted for this one.

She/he will be available as a girl or a boy.

There turned out to be 33  of these babies worldwide
Angela will pour them as the orders are paid so that you will have a freshly poured silicone.

Please be aware that these sweet babies are made entirely by hand: sculpted, molded and poured by hand, so no silicone doll is PERFECT . 
There may be a slight blemish in the silicone but this will not be seen once painted, and it does not take from the value of the doll.
If you have any questions about the silicone, please message Angela Lewis. Thank you!