Mikki Doll Kit ©2012
Kit is about 19" measured from head to toe.

Full legs, 3/4 arms.
Kit includes vinyl head, arms and legs - $69.99 + shipping
Cloth body is available as an option - $15.00

In Stock

Mikki Kit reborn by Debbie Henshaw of They Never Grow Up Nursery.    Back to Home Page
For the cloth body only, click one of the options below:  
Mikki Cloth body only
GUARANTEE: Please inspect your kit upon arrival. I guarantee free replacement of parts that come to you damaged by the factory. I will need the damaged part mailed back to me First Class Mail, and I will pay for the shipping. I cannot guarantee the vinyl if you use heat  on it. My recommendation for all vinyl kits is to paint them with air dry paints. Heating vinyl can be damaging to the vinyl and to your health.

Mikki kit reborn by Suzanne Ball

Mikki kit reborn by Charlotte Thorin

Mikki kit reborn by Debbie Henshaw of They Never Grow up Nursery

Mikki kit reborn by Melissa George of MG Newborn Nursery