Tiny Toddler Kissy Doll Kit ©2019
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Tiny Toddlers are 11" tall and are full vinyl with jointed head, arms and legs. They all take 12mm eyes. The photos shown are all 12mm glass flat back oval eyes that fit perfectly. They come in 4 different face choices (with more choices to come). They all have the same arms (new arm choices coming later) and torso, and have a choice of bent or straight legs. So when you make your choice under the options below, please make sure you are choosing the leg option you want.  
If you want to order more than one doll, you will have to email me for an invoice. winterswhimsies@valornet.com .The first doll will be $55 + shipping, two dolls will be $105 + shipping, three dolls will be $155 + shipping and four dolls will be $200 + ship ping cost.

Tiny Toddler Kissy Paid in Full
Prototype below by Kimberly Gardino:  
Prototype below by Tina Washington:  
prototype by Memma's Munchkins  
Kissy by Marita Winters below:  
vinyl parts: